Widgets in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is coming up with some very useful widgets that can be added to home screen (similar to Dashboard in Dynamics CRM) and to side panel. These are much similar to reporting tools like drill down charts that were available with Dynamics CRM but are much enhanced. As not much information is available yet on it, below are some important points that one should know about widgets and side panel.



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* Widgets are components that can be added to home screen using Add Components link available on home screen.

* You can add/remove/move the widgets from/on the home screen.

* Can Maximize a particular widget from home screen and even Drill down the charts.

* Types of widgets available

1. Charts (Similar  to CRM charts)

a. Pie Chart

b. Line Chart

c. Bubble Chart

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2. Budget Utilization

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3. Power BI

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4. Traditional




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Side Panel

* Traditional widgets can also be added to side Panel available on right side of screen which can be expanded/collapsed.

* To add a widget to side panel, right click on side panel and select the type of traditional widget to be added.

* No other type of widgets other that traditional can be added to side panel.

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We will also go over Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing in my next blog. Thanks!