Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM)

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Whether you’re a corporate marketing team or an advertising agency, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing delivers powerful, integrated marketing management solutions that can help you better understand your customers. With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing you’ll get exceptional insight, control over budgets and resources, and be able to create automated, measurable multi-channel campaigns to deliver tangible results. MDMOverview1


  • Campaign management
  • Brand management
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Social marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Reports and personal dashboards

Functional Areas

Functionl Area

  • Projects

In projects, these are your day-to-day activities, so these are things such as I have to create a brochure. I want to add a time slip. That’s what you’ll find in the project area.

  • Marketing Execution

In Marketing Execution, you’ll find the things where you’re going to interact with customers and prospects, so perhaps you’re making an interactive campaign. You’re sending an email marketing message.

  • Assets and Media

In Assets and Media, this is where…

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