Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update

The current Electra release (Fall 2014) also called Dynamics Marketing 2015 has updated few features in the process of improving the product. The update introduces new features such as:

  • Improved campaign automation:
    • Create even more intelligent campaign automation with enhanced triggering logic: Your automated campaigns can now incorporate triggers that not only react to customer behavior, but also to the status of internal tasks in Dynamics Marketing. You can also design advanced triggering logic based on Boolean expressions and nested-trigger logic.
    • Create enticing campaigns with new offer management, automation and tracking features: You can create time and/or inventory-limited offers, include links to them in marketing emails and track customer response to those offers through the campaign-automation canvas.
    • Create Lync webinar events and include them in automated campaigns.
    • Automated A/B testing helps identify the most effective email designs and schedules: With automated A/B testing, Dynamics Marketing starts with a small part of your intended recipient list and sends design A to half the sample and design B to the other half. The system then monitors the performance of each version and scores them based on your criteria. When the test period is up, Dynamics Marketing sends the winning version to the rest of your list.
  • Improved lead scoring

    You are now able to construct even more detailed scoring models and to apply new types of logic. For example, you can now score a lead based on an “any” operator, as in “score this lead higher if she has attended any event.” And speaking of events, you can now score leads separately based on event registration, actual attendance and even attendance at individual sessions at an event. Other lead-tracking and -scoring improvements include: improved web-page tracking (better time-on-page measurements), ability to score by sales ratings reported by an integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, and the ability to score by values from certain custom fields, which you can enable on several entities.

  • Work more effectively with new UI features:
    • Overview all of your marketing activities with the new, graphical integrated-marketing calendar: Dynamics Marketing provides a Gantt-chart view of all of the marketing campaigns you are working on. You can expand any campaign to see the individual emails, landing pages, social media messages and events associated with that campaign.
    • Create visual approval workflows with the new approval canvas: You can design more advanced workflow functionality that includes parallel approvers and/or advanced acceptance criteria. You design and review your approvals using a graphical drag-and-drop canvas that is similar to the campaign-automation canvas already available in Dynamics Marketing.
    • Click to call any contact over Lync or Skype instantly.
    • Get the most out of your search-engine marketing efforts with Bing Ads integration
  • Expanded integration with Microsoft CRM and Social Listening:
    • Monitor the social-media buzz about your brands and campaigns with Social Listening integration: With Microsoft Social Listening integration, you can enhance your marketing intelligence and correlate your marketing and branding initiatives with social-media activity. Add a wide variety of graphical widgets to your Dynamics Marketing home page to keep a daily eye on many aspects of social-media activity, or add similar widgets to individual campaigns and companies for a more specific focus. You are also able to configure and modify your Social Listening queries from inside Dynamics Marketing.
    • Work more effectively with sales staff with the new seller-collaboration portal: Enable your salespeople using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to access the latest details about the progress of your marketing initiatives and automated campaigns. Ensure that when sales people talk to a given customer, they are fully aware of the latest offers and other marketing communication messages that the customer has received.
    • Enriched data integration with Microsoft CRM: Dynamics Marketing administrators are now able to fine-tune the integration through expanded integration controls, including the ability to managing sync operations on a per-entity basis. New integration points include the ability to two-way sync tasks and campaigns.
  • Improved segmentation and tracking:
    • Keep your campaigns on-target with improved list management.
    • Target market segments more closely with the new custom-field mechanic featuring end-to-end support
    • Landing pages can now remember previously submitted values
    • Integrated privacy statements for customers help ensure conformity with privacy regulations
  • Generate even more types of analytic reports in Microsoft Excel using new, expanded OData feeds:

    With OData feeds, you can use the powerful data querying (PowerQuery, PowerPivot), spreadsheet, formatting and visualization features (PowerView, PowerMap and more) of Excel to work with data from Dynamics Marketing.