How is Microsoft Dynamics Marketing different from Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Marketing)

While trying to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, the first question that pop-ed in my mind was how is MDM different from the Marketing module that Dynamics CRM used to have? I started trying to understand MDM by comparing it with Marketing module of CRM and that was the first mistake I made.

Marketing module in CRM has very limited features and entities as compared to MDM so again the question, how is MDM different from CRM functionally?

While searching for the answer I came across below comparison which answered my question up to an extent and found it worth sharing.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Marketing)
Target Marketers Salespeople
Usage High volume, complex, multi-channel campaigns Low volume, simple, single channel campaigns
Typical Requirements
  • Bulk, SMTP, Dynamics Email with tracking
  • Media buying management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Marketing Project Management
  • One-off email send (no result tracking)
  • Simple event management