Invoice and Invoice Line data import in Dynamics CRM

Recently I found that many people have issues importing old Invoices either from legacy system into Dynamics CRM. This is manly in scenarios where Products are not maintained in CRM. In this case import of Invoice Line throws error as the data import template for Invoice line do not have relationship with Invoice. Below are the steps that can be followed to fix the issue.

Invoice lines is a relationship between invoice and products. Thus if you need to add invoice lines, you need to add products using the “Product.xml” template file. But in our case as we don’t maintain Products in CRM, while importing Invoice lines, add invoice number of imported invoices in CRM in a separate column and select the Product as write-in in import file.

For importing Invoice lines, you need to download the “Invoice Product.xml” template file.

All the mentioned templates can be downloaded from “templates for Data Import” in Data Management section in Settings.

  1. Export Invoice Product.xml
  2. Add Invoice Line data in the xml with below values.
    1. Set “Select Product” column value to “Write In”.
    2. Add a new column “Invoice ID” and set the value to Invoice ID field of respective Invoice.
  3. Save and import the file.

4. Import the above xml file.

5. During Import wizard, on Review Mapping Summary Page, click on Edit.

6. In Map Fields, for Invoice ID row click on the look up reference and select “Invoice ID” field and click Ok.

7. Click Next and progress with the import process.

Probably issue with many users follow is at step 7. Invoice ID field is by default map to Invoice name and Invoice GUID field.

Hope this helps!