Incremental update for Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft have added two small, but important, new features to Dynamics Marketing.

  • P3P privacy policy support: This helps make sure that Dynamics Marketing website-tracking cookies will be accepted by a wider range of browsers. To use this feature, you must read, accept and enable Microsoft’s default P3P policy.More information: Cookies and privacy issues.Please refer below screenshot
  • Customer-driven update (CDU): This gives admins better control over when new updates of Dynamics Marketing will be rolled out for your organization.¬†As Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an online service, most of the technical details of keeping it updated with the latest features and fixes are handled by Microsoft Support. However, the update process will cause a small amount of downtime (usually less than 30 minutes), and users at your organization may also need some time to get used to the new features. Therefore, user will be notified by email well in advance and are able to control the roll-out schedule for your organization’s Dynamics Marketing update so user can plan as needed and make sure that the update does not occur right in the middle of a critical event or campaign.More information on CDU: Manage Dynamics Marketing updates

For other new features introduced in the last major update of Dynamics Marketing, please refer below link