Recently read about this interesting connector. The Connector allows the integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 / 2015 with the Google Analytics Platform.

Thanks to this application you can track over time the movements and clicks which your customer will do on your websites. Also taking advantage of the “Custom Dimensions” you can decide what information to send, about your customer, to the Google Analytics Platform.

The connector is divided into two different applications:
PWRScript: is a script that should be included on your websites and is generated by a configuration tool and allows the tracking of customers from the newsletter click on.

PWRGetApi: is an application that connects to the Google Analytics API and picks up all the previous day’s information saved inside of Google Analytics.

Once the application downloads all pages from Google Analytics, the application connect every page to every customer (where is possible) and for you is so sample to understood what your customer has visited.

You can also use Dynamics CRM filters to exclude certain type of visits, clicks, or other actions from IP address or domains.

You can define your process and activate it when your customer visited a web page i(e.g. when the customer after filling out an application form, was redirected to the thanks page).