Deprecation of unsupported configurations in CRM Online 2015 Update

Important information about supported configurations in the next major release for CRM

Changes in browser support

For the next release, Microsoft is discontinuing support for the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9

Note: Accessing CRM 2015 Update via IE8 or IE9 will not block or redirect you to a different experience. Code fixes will only be considered for issues that can be reproduced with a supported web browser.

Changes in items specific to the CRM application

Removing the support of the following client SDK (JavaScript) APIs:

  • context.getServerUrl (use getClientUrl instead)
  • context.isOutLookClient (use client.getClient instead)
  • context.isOutlookOnline (use client.getClientState instead)

Also modifying the possible return values from Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType to remove the Read Optimized and CRM 4.0 Quick Form types. This means that removing two values from the possible results of getFormType. However, it’s unlikely that your code will be affected by this because we removed the forms types in CRM 2013 SP1 and CRM Online Spring ’14.

Form System

Removing the support of the following form item CRM 2011 or Information forms that were updated in CRM 2013 for certain updated entities. This means that you should migrate your forms for just these entities to use the new CRM 2013 SP1 and CRM Online Spring ’14 form system before upgrading to CRM Online 2015 Update. If you are unable to do this, these forms will still work in CRM Online 2015 Update; however, new functionality that we make available in CRM Online 2015 Update may not be available on these forms. We strongly encourage you to migrate to the new Form System.


The Kit type of Product will be deprecated, which means that we’ll do base testing only and will be removing this feature in a future release. Please update any customizations that use products defined as kits’ failing to do so will block and conflict with new product type advancements in the near future. To learn more about Kit type see Product catalog entities.

Email Router

Support for Exchange 2007 connectivity to and from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router will be deprecated, which means that we’ll do base testing only and will be removing this capability from the Email Router in a future release. Please see email router supported versions of Exchange Server.

2007 SDK SOAP Endpoint

We’ll be removing this endpoint in CRM Online 2015 Update, which was deprecated in CRM 2013 SP1 and CRM Online Spring ’14”. You shouldn’t use this endpoint for any new extensions.

Office 365 Security Role Changes

We’ve updated the way that CRM Online synchronizes data with Office 365. There will be a slight change to how security groups can be chosen to associate to an organization instance. Previously, it was possible in the instance settings page to choose either a Security Group or a Security Role (such as Company Administrator) and have only licensed, enabled users that belonged to that Security Group or Role enabled in the corresponding CRM organization. After the upcoming changes, it will not be possible to choose a Security Role for an organization instance in the instance settings page in the Office 365 Admin Center. This change impacts only the user experience of selecting a Security Group for user sync management; it does not impact the synchronization process for those organizations that have already selected a Security Role. In those cases, users will still be enabled or disabled in the organization instance based on membership in the selected Security Role. However, going forward you will need to decide on a new Security Group to replace the existing Security Role for user membership management.

In addition, we will be proactively identifying customers that are affected by this change and will be sending a targeted communication