Contact Import in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Import process in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is bit modified as compared to Dynamics CRM. In this post we will try to cover the few points about the import followed by a VLOG showing step by step import process. In our case, we will discuss the Contact import process.

** Please note **

  • You cannot update existing records by using the import process.
  • Records that are already present in MarketingPilot will not be imported.
  • Import process will vary from record type to record type.
  • In order for the import to successfully map to a category field, the data in the source file must be identical to the value in MDM.

First step when performing the import is to select the type of contact that you are importing and the company the contacts will belong to.

Image 6

The source file columns (left side) are mapped to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing fields (right side).

Image 7

Below is VLOG that explains step by step process to import Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.