Critical On Demand Fix: Modal dialogs not supported on Google Chrome 37

Few months back I had written a post on Google Chrome version 37 had stopped supporting model dialog (here). This affects if you open up the form customization and try and save and publish in Chrome (Version 37 and higher), you may notice it does not save or publish. This is because Dynamics CRM is using a modal dialogue, likewise you may see this behavior on editing dashboards or updating status reasons.

The current fix for this is a registry update which can be found here, or using an alternative browser.

Microsoft has announced that in April they will be releasing updates that will fix the feature deprecation. In order for customers, who are using Chrome browser, to continue to function, they will need to upgrade to the upcoming CRM versions listed below:

  • CRM 2011 – A COD will be delivered on CRM 2011 UR18(On prem Only)
  • CRM 2013 – A COD will be delivered in CRM 2013 UR3(On prem Only)
  • CRM 2013 SP1 – Fix will be included in CRM 2013 SP1 UR3(Online & On Prem)
  • CRM 2015 – Fix will be included in CRM 2015 UR1(Online & On Prem)

*Note: COD = Critical On Demand Fix

Please be aware that these updates are coming and will need to be applied to your environments to ensure Chrome based users can fully function on the latest versions.