Get a list of all Business Rules from your CRM environment

Referencing to the original post on CRM 2013 from here.

As Business Rules are created for a particular entity, we can see all the business rules that have been created for any particular entity from the entity customization itself.

This is ok when we need to see all the business rules on an entity. But it does not allow us to pull up a list of business rules across the whole system. Sometimes after deploying a solution, we need to check the business rules to make sure they’re activated, or if there are any errors, and we don’t want to have to go through each entity and check these.

As Business Rules are workflows under the hood, we can do an Advanced Find query with filter criteria on Categories as Business Rule (for CRM 2013, it was PBL) to get the list of all business rules in an organization. The result contains Name, Primary Entity, status and other basic information about the business rule.




Missing column field names in Advanced Find’s Add Columns: IE 11 security update issue

***Microsoft released a patch that resolves this issue***


You install MS14-080: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: December 9, 2014 on a computer that’s running Internet Explorer 11 or the Internet Explorer 11 Web Browser control. However, after you do this, you may experience unexpected behavior when you interact with sites that use one or more web application modal dialog boxes. Any data or information that’s provided in the modal dialog box may not be returned to the application window or to the dialog box that created the data or information. Therefore, the application that created the dialog box may exhibit errors or lack specific functionality that was dependent on that dialog box data.


This week Microsoft released a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 11 (KB3008923) which had the unfortunate side effect of rendering certain values in dialog boxes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 blank. Among those items affected were column field names in Advanced Find’s Add Columns, and the ability to select items to be added to some queries.

ie essue 1

Same behavior is even for Handler Properties in CRM 2013 while adding a event for a JavaScript. The Library dialog appears to be blank.

Ie issue 5

The Microsoft Knowledge Base article for the update doesn’t show notes about this issue, when checked, but removing the update consistently cleared the issue.

To remove the update, Open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates and select the update: Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3008923).

ie issue 2

NOTE: This update was issued as an important security update, so you may want to check it’s posting ( for more information about what it covered before deciding whether to remove it or just switch to Firefox or Chrome until the issue is resolved.