Another Handy Tool Compliments of BusiPlanIT: Email to a Team


How many times have you heard, “Why can’t I email a Team in CRM”? Since Dynamics CRM uses Activity Parties, the Team option is not available. When creating a Workflow, the User must manually select all of the Users that are members of the Team and add them to the “To” field in the Email template. Who wants to do that??? What happens when members of the Team change?

At BusiPlanIT Labs, we have released another handy tool that leverages Custom Workflow Activities in CRM to solve this common challenge. This Custom Workflow Activity works in CRM Online and On-Premise for CRM 2011, CRM 2013, and CRM 2015. Users must have email capabilities set up in CRM either through the Outlook Client, Email Router, or Email Server Side Sync in order for emails generated by the Workflow to be sent out.

The solution is very simple. It has one component.

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Script Search Utility for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013


Script Search Utility for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 addresses some of the following pain points while configuring, documenting and trying to resolve issues related to scripts in Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics CRM 2013. Key features of this application are:

• For documentation purpose, Ability to search script files for specific text in script like unsupported scripts during CRM upgrade
• For documentation purpose, Ability to search scripts for attribute names in CRM scripts.

This tool also lets you copy search result to clipboard.

Download link: Click here

How to use :

Download the doc file, rename it to zip file, extract it and you are done.

For any issues/ bugs, you can connect me directly at –


This tool uses the Connection Control for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 which is available at I recommend using this tool for anyone who needs to connect to CRM instances be it…

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