DID YOU KNOW? Update of “Middle Name” attributes also updates “Full Name” and “Yomi Full Name”


Recently customer came up with a query that CRM performs multiple updates and all these updates are logged inside audit history.

Here is what was happening.

  • CRM user updates “Middle Name” field.
  • On checking audit history, we have three entries for “Full Name”, “Middle Name” and “Yomi Full Name”.

We didn’t had any plugin or customization done here. After verifying on vanilla CRM online environment we found that these extra updates are performed by CRM internal engine/plugin.

Now comes the question, if we cannot customize “Full Name” field to show middle name in it then why we need an update like this?

What is “Yomi Name”?

Yomi Name is an out-of-the-box field that has the same functionality of First and Last Name for a contact. However, it allows for the user to indicate the phonetic annunciation of the name as described in the description of the field:

“Type the phonetic spelling of the contact’s first name, if the name is specified in Japanese, to make sure the name is pronounced correctly in phone calls with the contact.”

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