Step by Step – Configure CRM Plugin and Azure Service Bus in CRM 2015.

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Run Microsoft Azure PowerShell

  • Add-AzureAccount

Sign in using your Azure Account.

  • Get-AzureSubscription

  • Select-Azuresubscription <name of the subscription you need>
  • New-Azuresbnamespace <name for the service bus> “North Europe” -CreateACSNamespace $true -NamespaceType Messaging

Open Azure Management Portal

Click on the Service Bus à Queues and Create a Queue using Quick Create

Now open Plugin Registration Tool.

Solution Namespace – Name Space we gave to our Service Bus.

Path – Name of the Queue.

Cick Save & Configure ACS

Management Key è Default Key

Click Save.

Now register a new Step. (Post Lead Create Asynchronous)

Create a new Lead record in CRM.

Check the System Job.

Hope it helps..

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