Scribe Insight 7.9 – Some Really Nice Features

Imran Popatiya

In the recent release of Scribe Insight, Scribe has added some much needed features to the product. Below are some brief details about the new features. For more information and details about the release, please download the release notes from here.

Global Connection Pool Insight version 7.9.0 converts connections in a DTS and saves connection information in a global pool of connections in the Scribe Internal Database, enabling all DTS files on your Scribe system to use the same connection configuration. Changes to this connection information is available to all DTS files on your system.
For example, if you configure a Dynamics CRM connection and three DTS files need access to a Dynamics CRM system, all three DTS files can use that one connection. Then, if the user name for Dynamics CRM is updated through one of those DTS files, all three DTS files use that updated user…

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