Workflow Form Assistant won’t work if you have Field Type= Calculated on form in CRM 2015

Simply Dynamic

Today I encountered a very weird issue in CRM 2015.

I added some custom fields with Field Type=Calculated with some basic arithmetic calculations in an entity and I used same entity in one of the workflow to set field values from lookup entity.

So here the situation arises that Form assistant on right hand side of the workflow stopped showing the fields with similar field types. Initially it seems to be a browser issue so I cleared all the cookies & temp files but that was a bad guess.

Then I thought of restarting my machine (like I always do when I stuck badly) and guess what.. NO LUCK šŸ˜¦

After so much of hit & trial and failures I rested my case.

Then suddenly I thought of looking inside the entity customization and there I found the culprit, the custom field with ā€œField Type= CALCULATEDā€. I removed all theā€¦

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