Product Bundles VS Product Kits in CRM 2015

If you’ve used Product Kits in the past, you’ll be familiar with Product Bundles. Bundles are an enhanced version of Product Kits (e.g., you cannot view Kit Items when selling a Kit, but you can with a Bundle – see the Opportunity screenshot below). Product Kits will not be going away with CRM 2015, but instead Bundles will be an additional option users can use along with Kits.

Product bundles provide a superior way to group common products together to be sold with more attractive package pricing (using price lists). Bundles are similar to kits (which still exist and have not changed) but are greatly enhanced. For example, unlike kits, bundled products are visible to the salesperson on the opportunity, quote, order or invoices as they are entering line items. Additionally, the quantities and properties of the bundled products can be edited on the line items.

The following table highlights the key differences between Kits and Bundles.

Kits Bundles
All the products in a kit are mandatory. Some products in a bundle can be optional.
Kits support nesting; you can add a kit to another kit. You can’t add a bundle to another bundle. You can only add products to a bundle.
While adding a kit to an opportunity, quote, order, or invoice, you can only see the kit level details; you can’t see individual products in the kit. While adding a bundle to opportunity, quote, order, or invoice, you can see the bundle level details as well as individual products in the bundle.

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