[Resolved] Windows update for CRM Server (KB2995029) : 5.0.9690.4166

[Update 27th May 2015]: It turned out to be an hot fix provided by Microsoft support for one of the bug with service activity on update to UR 17. Thanks to Microsoft Community for a quick path.


I recently faced an issue when I was trying to import a CRM 2011 organization from a database back-up created from a existing organization on other server. I ended up with the below error.

The organization database version is not supported for upgrade.

It sounds to be a know issue were the update roll-up versions installed on source and target CRM server are different. But strange thing was the source as will as target Microsoft Dynamics CRM server had UR 17 installed. The only change was the version numbers for the web server.

Version/build number for UR 17 is 5.0.9690.4150 and that for UR 18 is 5.0.9690.4376 and what i had for web server was 5.0.9690.4166. What kind of update was this as I only had UR 17 installed and nothing else.

On bit research found a windows update installed on web server with name “Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server (KB2995029)” with build number “5.0.9690.4166”. So now i had the issue resolved as i know from were did the new version came.

Image 004

But wait a minute, I’m not done yet. I ran a check to find available windows update on my target CRM server for finding the missing windows update. But as all things were going wrong, check for windows update didn’t returned the update that i was looking for.

I thought i will search for the update on web and install it manually, but hard luck there too. Microsoft had stopped providing that particular update for some reason still unknown to me. Even the KB2995029 article was removed.

I was required to manually uninstall the update from source server and then create database backup and import it. But still the question remains what the update was and when it was rolled-out why it was removed?

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