Hide “Business Process Flow” using JavaScript – (UNSUPPORTED)

Dynamics CRM 2013, BPFs have many beneficial qualities. They are available for out-of-the-box (OOB) and custom entities, can span across multiple entities, you can create multiple BPFs for a particular business process, can be role based, can be included in solutions for export and import, and work in the browser, Outlook Client and Tablets.

A key purpose of a BPF is to guide users through a specific business process to completion.

But there may be requirement where you are required to hide the Business Process Flow from the form depending on certain conditions. Unfortunately there is no supported way yet to achieve this. But you can always play with DOM structure using JavaScript to achieve this. Below are the line of code that you can use to show/hide BPF depending on conditions.

//Hide Business Process Flow

document.getElementById(‘header_process_d’).style.display = “none”;

//Show Business Process Flow

document.getElementById(‘header_process_d’).style.display = “block”;

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