Small Things that Often Forgotten in Plugin Development – Just 1 Tip Presentation

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As requested by Ben on my previous blog post. I posted the slides of my Just 1 Tip presentation from the last Melbourne CRM User Group. The presentation focus is a quick tip on how we as developers are often forget the small details in event-driven solution design that could ended-up in a headache for the other fellow developers/business user to trace/test.

There are 3 issues that I commonly encountered during the design and development:

#1: Infinite Loop – a request inside the plugin code to the same message and field filter as the registered step and in the same entity.

#2: Auto-save – this will trigger the update request and if the plugin step registered is not filtered, it will trigger the plugin very often.

#3: Multiple Synchronous Events (Plugin + Real Time Workflow) – Tips of using XrmToolbox plugin to change the order of executions. (This section drove…

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