Configure Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

abhijitdesaiblog about Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Configure the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Environment

Marketing is a powerful tool that combines different areas, such as resource management, digital asset management, marketing automation and budget management into one system. Marketers who use this system not only have a better view into all parts of their marketing ecosystem, but they also have the ease of use, visibility and powerful reporting capabilities that come with navigating a single system for all of their marketing activities. Many modules build on concepts and skills covered in previous lessons. This will ease you into one of the more complex functional areas of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

In this module, we’ll cover managing the home screen, navigating, customizing screens, managing alerts and other user preferences, managing user roles.

Widgets, Navigation and Customizing Grids

Welcome to the Widgets, Navigation and Customizing Grids. In this module, you’ll learn to add widgets to the home screen, navigate throughout the…

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