Importing Resolved cases in CRM 2011

Many a times we have a requirement to import historical data in CRM. Requirement looks good but when it comes to importing historical cases we are in problem. And in more problem if these are resolved cases coming from some non dynamics CRM product.

Import of Active cases is done quite well, but for resolved cases we get a error. Even if we set Status to Resolved and Status Reason to Problem Solved. Either we get an error that State Code is invalid or the record is imported but the Status could not be changed.

A workaround that worked for me was to resolve the case problematically by using CloseIncidentRequest message. Another workaround is to set up a dummy attribute on case record and have a workflow process on create of record which checks for the value of this dummy field and sets the status accordingly. But this will not work in case if resolution date are required to be kept same (old values).



It is recommended that you do an import process by a administrative user which has a timezone set to GMT/UTC.

The reason is in 2005 (2005 revision to dates of observance) the date when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends in the US was changed. As a result, if you import the data back in for previous years as a user that is not on GMT, some of the records will be off by an hour.

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