What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring ’14

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is available for trial on Office 365 subscription. You need to make a $0 transaction with your card details to subscribe for this trial. Connectors for configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing are available for download too.

Some good informative videos are also available on YouTube under Microsoft Dynamics channel. It will be helpful if someone initiates the download and share across.

Here’s a list of features added to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring ‘14.

Campaign automation

Initiate marketing and sales activities for sets of contacts based upon their profile, behavior, and results by using campaign automation. After you create a campaign, automate its activities using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing supports a wide range of automation activities such as emailing lists, schedulers, and email.

Use external entities to get external data in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

External entities are used to integrate external CRM systems that manage external data such as coupons, cinema, address, and stores with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing then uses this data while executing the campaigns.

Use external entities to send customized content to the recipients of email marketing messages to let them know details like stores nearest to them, coupon codes they can use, or a list of the last few orders they’ve placed. External entities help you keep details of the external entity types in one place instead of on every marketing contact. This helps you maintain data more effectively. More information: Set up external entities to provide tailored details to marketing contacts

Dynamic content and conditional text in email marketing messages

You can add customized content in an email message for different lists (segments) associated with the message. This means that the content in your email can vary for contacts in different segments, based on their preferences or locations. More information: Format the content in your email marketing message

Prevent email fatigue with the help of cross-campaign rules

Are your customers getting tired of too many messages and not paying attention to your campaigns anymore? Microsoft Dynamics Marketing introduces cross-campaign rules. Create rules that define how often a contact can receive your marketing messages during a specific time period. Improve the quality of email marketing by ensuring that your customers aren’t getting bombarded with email marketing messages and marking them as spam. More information: How cross-campaign rules can prevent spamming of customers

Analytic reporting with Power BI

You can now use the analytic capabilities of Power BI for Office 365 to create custom reports. You can use Excel with Power BI to connect to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing data, create queries, share the queries with others in your team, and collaborate. We also provide some sample workbooks that you can use to get meaningful insights into your data. More information: Custom analytic reporting with Power BI

Customizable Ad Scheduler columns

Customizing the display columns for the Ad Scheduler is now possible. Under Marketing Execution>Media Buying > Ad Scheduler, you can select the columns that you want to view, and also drag and drop the columns to change their order.

Support for new media

In addition to the existing media types, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing now supports mobile media. Mobile media has the same options as the web media options.






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